Keeping Your Luxury Vehicle Rust-Free

Keeping Your Luxury Vehicle Rust-Free

If you want to drive your car year-round but want to preserve your investment learn to fight rust the right way.

Keeping Your Luxury Vehicle Rust-Free

When you spend big money to purchase a luxury vehicle you need to make sure you are fighting back the rust. While many people won’t bring a Porsche out of the garage unless it’s summertime, Audi owners know their rugged vehicles can handle northern winters just fine. If you want to drive your car year-round but want to preserve your investment learn to fight rust the right way.

Clean it Thorougly 

You probably do this already, but if you don’t make sure that your vehicle is cleaned thoroughly at least once a week throughout the winter. Bring it to the car wash and get a cleaning that will spray the underside of the vehicle as well. This rinses away any harmful salt that’s accumulated during your winter driving sessions. You’ll spend more on your vehicle throughout the winter doing this, but the simple act will help keep rust away for years longer and will really pay off.

Cover That Beauty Up or Garage it 

When you’re not driving your luxury vehicle you should be storing it somewhere. Keep it in a garage if you can, but if that’s not an option rely on a car port or a car cover to protect it from the elements. The better you cover it the longer it is going to look pristine. Sunlight will wear out your paint job and all the ice and snow that falls form the sky will quickly start to rust away the vehicle unless you are very diligent about going out there and cleaning it off every day. Covering it will protect it more than anything else will and a cover is cheap to obtain if you need one.

Invest in Rust Proofing

Rust proofing is available for most vehicles, but you need to have it done right after you get the vehicle. Make sure you have the underside of your vehicle rust proofed at least once right before the first harsh winter that it goes through. There are coating you can have applied each and every year before the winter comes about. These are a good investment and the protection will work the best when it’s applied regularly.

Be Proactive About Treating the Vehicle 

Rust is going to form no matter how hard you work to keep it away. It’s important that when it does form you get rid of it immediately. Look out for the rust and when you spot it attack it like the plague! Scrub it, grind it and sand the spot until the rust is gone. Once gone paint over it with a rust treatment to seal the spot from future rust. Do this all the time and you’ll slow rust dramatically.

Rust is horrible, I hate it and so does every other car owner in the north. If you hate it too start treating your vehicles and fighting off rust before it ruins your investment. The fight will take some of your time and some of your money, but it’s worth it if you plan to keep the car for more than just a couple years.

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