Spring is here, watch out for potholes

Spring is here, watch out for potholes

Spring is almost upon us, and that’s great news for many of us out there. On the other hand, spring also means warmer temperatures which translate into more potholes on our roads. You have probably begun to notice that the roads are getting worst every day, and unfortunately, that’s going to continue until this summer when they are worth repairing.

Potholes wreak havoc on our vehicles. Not only can they damage your wheels, but they can also damage your suspension, shock absorbers, and your tires. They also cause the kind of damage that will require that you pay out of pocket to repair given that it is often not significant enough to declare to your insurance company, yet that doesn’t mean the damage can’t amount to hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

“Each year around this time, we see a bunch of cars coming in with alignment issues, broken wheels, damaged bumpers, and flat tires. The cost of repairing the damage can be significant, so it’s important to take every precaution to avoid potholes when possible, or at least try to minimize their impact”, says a service technician at Glenmore Audi.

Here are a few ways that you can do just that.

Slow down, but do not brake over a pothole

If the road in front of you is in bad shape, slow down. Going slowly over potholes will reduce the likelihood that your vehicle is damaged and increase the chance that you can avoid the larger holes. On the other hand, if you see a pothole and realize that you cannot avoid it, do not brake as you are going over it. That will only serve to increase the damage. Instead, ease of the brake as you are driving over the hole in the road.


Check your tires

Properly inflated tires will reduce the consequences of driving over a large pothole. Not only will it reduce the chances that your tire is punctured, but it will also protect your wheel and reduce the chances that it makes contact with the road.

Give yourself time to avoid potholes

Do not drive too closely to the vehicle in front of you. That way, you will be in a better position to see potholes as they are approaching, and hence you will be in a better position to avoid them. On the other hand, always make sure you can avoid the hole safely by checking your blind spot and rear-view mirror before changing directions or braking suddenly.

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